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The Partner Program provides the additional resources NRHA needs to continue its work as the nation’s leader in rural health solutions. With your help, NRHA can continue to play a part in:

  • Increasing funding for the National Health Service Corps, an agency that places healthcare workers in underserved areas in exchange for tuition assistance.
  • Establishing the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy to monitor and impact rural health issues nationally.
  • Introducing legislation to increase physician and hospital Medicare payments in rural America.

Each NRHA Partner is carefully selected based on their rural health-specific knowledge, expertise, products and/or services. NRHA members are able—and encouraged—to use the Partners’ talents, products and services to help their individual organizations.

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Why Join the NRHA Partner Program?

  • Exclusivity

    • Limited to 50 Rural Hospital Partners at a time.
    • Limited to three companies in each market segment to minimize competition for engagement in your solutions category.
  • Expertise

    • We are trusted experts in rural healthcare.
    • We are trained to relate to and work closely with Rural Hospital Executives.
  • Visibility

    • Elevate your organization’s presence within the rural healthcare landscape by connecting with decision-makers through our webinars and podcasts.
  • Engagement

    • Share your organization’s collateral with the rural healthcare community via case studies, white papers and more.
  • Connectivity

    • We have the largest and most complete list of rural hospital C-Suites in the world.
    • We have the attention of rural healthcare executives—they open our emails and attend our events and education.
    • We have access to key decision-makers through an extensive network.
    • We have maintained EVERY Gold and Platinum Rural Hospital Partner for over 10 years.

NRHA recognizes and values the critical role your organization plays in shaping the future of rural healthcare. Our Rural Hospital Partnership Program is an exclusive marketing program for organizations like yours to directly engage with over 6,000 active rural healthcare executives. 

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