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Rural Hospital Specific Marketing and Engagement

The sales cycle in rural healthcare is unique. While the process can take longer, the relationships are often strong and long lasting. Generally, rural health leaders don’t immediately want to buy a service. They want to build a relationship based on trust, authenticity and transparency. They need to feel confident that you understand the unique challenges of rural health and won’t try to sell them a one-size-fits-all solution.

As a National Rural Health Association (NRHA) Partner, you’ll be better equipped to form those relationships with rural health c-suite and other leaders representing 1800 organizations throughout the nation. Whether it’s with a webinar, podcast, conference engagement or blog, our role at the NRHA Service Corporation is to facilitate those connections. Your role is to shake their hand, hear their needs and demonstrate your passion for rural health. And, when the time is right, offer tailored solutions.

Walk the Walk

Members, Partners and Sponsors

Building business in rural health takes commitment and passion. But in the end, rural health leaders select vendors they respect. When they see you rolling up your sleeves and engaging in the needs of rural health, beyond the immediate offerings of your product or service, you build trust. They see that you not only talk the talk, but that you walk the walk.

Ways to become involved:

CHG Healthcare

“Here at CHG Healthcare we started our partnership with the NRHA in 2015 as a Gold Partner and quickly upgraded to a Platinum Partnership.  The NRHA’s mission and values line up with ours, we are happy to partner with Larry and the good folks at the NRHA to help provide access to healthcare providers in rural communities.  Our partnership with the NRHA has helped us reach and connect with hundreds of rural hospitals.  Our business with NRHA member hospitals has grown, we are very happy with our return on investment and the networking opportunities and partnerships we have created with NRHA members.  Our partnership with the NRHA is a key strategic partnership for our business, it definitely is a win-win relationship.”

David Barney

Account Manager

The Compliance Team

“NRHA has been an invaluable partner to our organization for over 10 years. Thank you to everyone at NRHA for delivering a multitude of benefits, connectivity and opportunities for The Compliance Team to be actively involved with the Rural Healthcare providers across the country. NRHA truly brings the rural communities together.”

Kate Hill

Vice President

“We have greatly appreciated our long partnership with the NRHA. Through this relationship, we have had access to the largest group of top rural healthcare leaders in the country. The ability to participate in their conferences, webinars and other promotions is of great value. This has allowed us the opportunity to develop deep relationships with leaders and organizations that are looking to improve their organizations and appreciate the value we can add to their team. Over the years, this partnership has continued to grow as an integral component to our overall marketing plan for the healthcare industry.”

Ralph Llewellyn


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