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CHG Healthcare

“Here at CHG Healthcare we started our partnership with the NRHA in 2015 as a Gold Partner and quickly upgraded to a Platinum Partnership.  The NRHA’s mission and values line up with ours, we are happy to partner with Larry and the good folks at the NRHA to help provide access to healthcare providers in rural communities.  Our partnership with the NRHA has helped us reach and connect with hundreds of rural hospitals.  Our business with NRHA member hospitals has grown, we are very happy with our return on investment and the networking opportunities and partnerships we have created with NRHA members.  Our partnership with the NRHA is a key strategic partnership for our business, it definitely is a win-win relationship.”

David Barney

Account Manager

“We have greatly appreciated our long partnership with the NRHA. Through this relationship, we have had access to the largest group of top rural healthcare leaders in the country. The ability to participate in their conferences, webinars and other promotions is of great value. This has allowed us the opportunity to develop deep relationships with leaders and organizations that are looking to improve their organizations and appreciate the value we can add to their team. Over the years, this partnership has continued to grow as an integral component to our overall marketing plan for the healthcare industry.”

Ralph Llewellyn


“The IONRP supports the NRHA’s mission to provide leadership on rural health issues through advocacy, communications, education and research. As a pipeline partner since 2017, the NRHA has provided us with a platform to reach healthcare organizations across the country.  Since connecting with these organizations, we have been able to build relationships with rural health leaders from coast to coast through webinar offerings, conferences and publication opportunities.  These relationships not only have grown our program, but they continue to shape the services we provide. It has been a win-win for us and the organizations we serve.”

Nicole Weathers

Program Manager

The Compliance Team

“NRHA has been an invaluable partner to our organization for over 10 years. Thank you to everyone at NRHA for delivering a multitude of benefits, connectivity and opportunities for The Compliance Team to be actively involved with the Rural Healthcare providers across the country. NRHA truly brings the rural communities together.”

Kate Hill

Vice President

Stroudwater Capital Partners

“For Stroudwater Capital Partners, teaming up with NRHA means having a partner who is looking in the same direction as us and who shares both the passion and dedication to advocating for rural healthcare outcomes that support everyone. Their steadfast loyalty to elevating the visibility of the complex needs the rural healthcare system faces while offering opportunities to learn and collaborate over how to meet those needs is matchless and only continues to get better year after year.”

Brian Haapala



“We started our relationship with NRHA as a pipeline partner in 2014. The opportunities provided by NRHA to help us connect, educate, learn from and engage with rural decision makers has been invaluable. As a result, we are now Platinum Partners and love working with the same great NRHA team as we did when we began our journey.”

Jordan Tenenbaum


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